Low vision

low vision centre

Low vision technical centre

For over 30 years Ranieri Opticians has shown utmost regard towards the visually impaired, so much to build within the company a visual rehabilitating centre that comes with the sale of optical, technological, postural aids and software.

The Patients, provided with the medical report, firstly are visited to assess their remaining visual ability, afterwards they are directly evaluated by the aid more appropriate to their needs. 

The centre is affiliated with the National Health System

the patient's rehabilitation

 Visual rehabilitation is an innovative aspect in the low vision field. Its main goal is to help the patient get the most out of their remaining sight in order to obtain or keep their independence, to perform daily activities and to achieve a satisfactory standard of living. 

The several ways to operate differ depending on the patient’s age and the extent of the disability. The rehabilitation operation requires different professionals from the ophthalmologist to the therapist, to the educator, to the assistant orthoptist in ophthalmology, to the orientation and skill instructor and others.

We have often observed that words help the patient as well, maybe not to physically heal, but to better accept their limitations, especially if the patient would need to adjust to a new way of life.

In our centre you will find: screen’s magnifiers both desktop or portable, telescopic magnifying glasses for near and far distances, external and internal mobility, specific selective photo filters for maculopathies, automatic table readers consisting of a photographic scanner and vocal synthesis, postural aids, keyboards with enlarged characters, as well as portable telephones with photographic scanners and vocal synthesis.