Calculate your myopic progression

Today the myopia calculator is available, designed by the Brien Holden Vision Institute, an Australian optometric research center.
This tool indicates the technologies available to address myopic progression in adolescents and therefore the possible benefits resulting from an early treatment of myopia.
The calculator suggests alternative methods to the use of traditional glasses and the possible percentages of reduction of myopia progression.
The alternative optical and pharmacological methods proposed in the calculator are shown below:
  • orthokeratology;
  • ophthalmic lenses with peripheral defocus;
  • bifocal and progressive glasses;
  • multifocal soft contact lenses;
  • low and high dose atropine.


It is a therapeutic approach aimed at eliminating myopic refractive error, by modeling the corneal curvature. Studies carried out on the use of this method have shown that the growth of the eyeball appears slower than the growth rate observed in those who wear standard lenses.

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the calculator

It allows to obtain, by entering the child's age, the refractive error and the type of optional treatment chosen, (both graphically and as a percentage) what could be the probable variation over time of the patient's diopters, and consequently the myopic progression in the time resulting from the specific treatment selected.
The data obtained by the computer, as revealed by the investigations of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, come from clinical studies conducted with international standards.
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It is always fundamental and essential to consult a vision specialist before starting a process for the treatment of myopic progression: an ophthalmologist for pathological and medical aspects, and an eye contact specialist for aspects relating to the correct choice and application of contact lenses.
The myopia calculator of the Brien Holden Vision Institute is an instrumental methodology of a medical type which, although based to date on valid statistical studies with international standards that prove its effectiveness, does not however ensure absolute certainty of the pre-established aim, also due to of the individual response of each individual patient, bearer of a specific, unique and subjective growth of the eyeball.
Therefore Ottica Ranieri, while offering the information, does not guarantee nor can it ensure the certainty of the therapeutic result resulting from the use of the indicated instrumentation and the consequent therapeutic approaches.
The information on the site indicated and the calculator are in no case exhaustive and complete, and therefore no responsibility is assumed for the use of the same by the user or the specialist doctor.


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